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Register for the IMPHORAA Project Webinar

Thu, 29 February, 2024

Anyone who is interested in the impact and outcomes of the IMPHORAA project can now register for our upcoming online event to find out more from those involved.

The IMPHORAA consortium are holding a webinar, ‘Illuminating Local Communities – The IMPHORAA Project,’ on 20 March, 2024.

This exclusive event, which will be held between 10-11 AM UK time (1-2pm Madagascar time / 6-7pm Philippines time), will outline the development and deployment of small solar-powered nanogrids in rural off-grid communities in Madagascar and The Philippines.

The impact of these systems has been life-changing for those living in and near these communities, providing access to lighting, basic appliances, communication, cool storage for food and medicines, and clean, potable water.

These systems can be easily installed and maintained by local people, which not only provides jobs in the communities, but also means that they can be quickly repaired and back working should they be damaged by a hurricane, for example.

The changes brought by the IMPHORAA project have been profound, from empowering local people into entrepreneurial ventures to opening up more time for education and socialising after dark, and being able to store fishing catches that can be vital to island communities.

This webinar will detail how the IMPHORAA system works and provide a glimpse into some of the myriad benefits that it is already providing.

Not only is the IMPHORAA system affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly, but it has been tested in the real world to show that it works.

This webinar is a chance to hear from three consortium members who have been involved throughout the project; TWI Project Manager and Senior Research Fellow at the Brunel Composites Centre, Sadik Omairey; President and Co-Founder of Nanoé, Nicolas Saincy; and President of the Philippines-based Quantum Leap JMB Mktg Inc (QLM), John Defensor.

Already changing lives for the better, the IMPHORAA system has the capability to be used across the world, and you can find out more and register for this event, here.


This project is supported by Innovate UKs Energy Catalyst Programme (funding by the Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office through their Transforming Energy Access Programme) and UK aid and was awarded as a “subsidy” under the UK International Obligations for Subsidy Control and delivered under Grant 90935 from Innovate UK