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IMPHORAA Interview: Sadik Omairey

Thu, 18 April, 2024

Sadik Omairey, a Senior Research Fellow at the Brunel Composites Centre, took a few minutes to speak on the work of the IMPHORAA project.

He spoke on how the Brunel Composites Centre supported the work of the project team with technical assistance as well as the importance of the work itself in supporting developing countries and improving the livelihoods, health and education of entire communities.

Sadik also revealed the impacts he saw with his own eyes during visits to Madagascar and The Philippines, where the IMPHORAA system has been rolled out. This includes creating entrepreneurial opportunities, which have been particularly life-changing for women in these communities.

Having demonstrated that the IMPHORAA model works, Sadik also spoke on his hopes for the future direction of where the system can go next.

You can see Sadik’s interview, in full, below:


This project is supported by Innovate UKs Energy Catalyst Programme (funding by the Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office through their Transforming Energy Access Programme) and UK aid and was awarded as a “subsidy” under the UK International Obligations for Subsidy Control and delivered under Grant 90935 from Innovate UK