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IMPHORAA Interview: Marianna Digka

Mon, 15 April, 2024

Marianna Digka, Senior Innovation Specialist at TWI, spoke about her involvement in the IMPHORAA project in a recent interview.

Marianna revealed how IMPHORAA’s regenerative economic model met three key principles in Madagascar and The Philippines.

However, Marianna also explains how amazing it was to see how the system created micro-entrepreneurial ideas that expanded on the original mission of the project.

There is also a look to the future for IMPHORAA, with demand growing in neighbouring communities that have directly seen the benefits brought by IMPHORAA, but also a hint at the broader potential of IMPHORAA to benefit any off-grid community around the world.

You can see Marianna’s short interview, in full, below:


This project is supported by Innovate UKs Energy Catalyst Programme (funding by the Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office through their Transforming Energy Access Programme) and UK aid and was awarded as a “subsidy” under the UK International Obligations for Subsidy Control and delivered under Grant 90935 from Innovate UK