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IMPHORAA Fuels Female Micro-Entrepreneurship

Tue, 09 January, 2024

The reason we are so passionate about the IMPHORAA project is not just because of the sustainable, solar electrification of off-grid villages, but also the transformative organisational model that is creating opportunities for people to earn livelihoods through local entrepreneurship.

An example of this can be found in the micro-entrepreneurial journey of Michelle, who lives in the heart of Port Silanguin Island, and shares her inspiring story.

When the project began, we knew that, through Nanoe’s novel organisation model that is allowing local non-technical people to be trained to install, operate and maintain the system, we would not only be bringing light to the island but also empowering local economic growth, particularly for women micro-entrepreneurs.

What we couldn’t have predicted was the multiplying effect fuelled by local creativity that would further accelerate change. Thanks to the newly installed freezer provided by IMPHORAA, Michelle has ventured into a new side micro-business, selling ice and refreshing ice lollies made from locally sourced fresh fruit juice.

In the coastal indigenous communities of the Philippines, where fishing is a primary livelihood, a matriarchal system often manifests itself when men are away for extended periods during fishing expeditions. During these times, women assume central roles in decision-making, governance, and day-to-day affairs within the community. The women, often acting as heads of households, demonstrate resilience and leadership, managing domestic affairs, creating community cohesion and being innovative with resource allocation, exactly like Michelle with her iced fruit juice lollies to help people combat the island heat.

This arrangement showcases the adaptability of these communities, highlighting the pivotal role women play in maintaining the social fabric and stability of the community while men are away at sea.

Michelle’s entrepreneurial spirit embodies the transformative impact that our project has on the lives of people in the community. Beyond providing sustainable energy solutions, IMPHORAA fosters an environment where women can thrive as micro-business owners, contributing not only to their households but also to the vibrant local economy.

Join us in celebrating the resilience and success of female entrepreneurs in Port Silanguin, made possible by the positive ripples of IMPHORAA's solar electrification. 


Together, we are not just bringing power; we are empowering communities to shine in every aspect of life.


This project is supported by Innovate UKs Energy Catalyst Programme (funding by the Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office through their Transforming Energy Access Programme) and UK aid and was awarded as a “subsidy” under the UK International Obligations for Subsidy Control and delivered under Grant 90935 from Innovate UK