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IMPHORAA Project Event to be Held in Manila

Wed, 18 January, 2023

The partners of the IMPHORAA project (Implementation of photovoltaics through an innovation mini-grid expansion model for rural African and Asian Communities) are inviting you to the first ever event in the Philippines to present this highly innovative electrification model and social entrepreneurship concept to all interested parties.

The event will take place at the Shangri-la Hotel The Fort, Manila on February the 6th, 2023 at 13.00pm and everyone involved in the energy sector, municipalities, community leaders and energy financing professionals are welcome.

IMPHORAA is a knowledge transfer project for the electrification of off-grid communities in the Philippines, generated in the context of the Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst programme and UK aid support from the United Kingdom to developing countries.

The ambition of the project is to open a new, frugal power infrastructure development path for the Philippines through a progressive, bottom-up approach conveying expandable solar systems that deliver power to up to 6 neighbouring households or community users per grid. Users will be pre-paying through mobile payment for access to a flexible electric service that is able to adapt to the users’ growing energy needs.

The unique added value of this model is that it brings results more efficiently and sustainably than current decentralised power solutions while participating in the progressive bottom-up building of 21st century smart power infrastructures more flexibly than current centralised utility models.

IMPHORAA also promotes the development of a micro-entrepreneurship model for rural community members with installation and maintenance of the nano-grid systems. The proposed business model will help unlock finance and wider deployment at scale in the under-served market segment of the Philippines. Boosting local nano-grid with cooling and water pumping will directly enable micro-entrepreneurs, will provide food and medicine security and speedy recovery after catastrophic events (floods/typhoons/tsunamis/earthquakes), which are frequent in the markets in focus.

To register for this informative event, please email


This project is supported by Energy Catalyst and UK aid and was awarded as a “subsidy” under the UK International Obligations for Subsidy Control and delivered under Grant 90935 from Innovate UK.